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Accuton BD25-6-258 CELL measurements

The measurements one of the most expensive tweeters on the planet - the 1" pure diamond membrane tweeter Accuton BD25-6-258

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Review and measurements of BlieSMa T34B-4

It is very interesting, if the novelty will surpass the previous model T34A-4?

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Two-way loudspeaker project Pharaoh

A two-way low crossover point loudspeaker featured with  a serious bass potential and a wide sound dispersion on the base of Satori MW19P-4 + BlieSMa T34A-4 speaker drivers

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Review and measurements of BlieSMa T34A-4 tweeter

The review and mesurements of the T34A-4, the first product of young German company BlieSMa, have been added.

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Accuton C158-8-085 midwoofer measurements

The Accuton C158-8-085  6" ceramic cone bass - midrange driver measurements have been added. This is the first Accuton model featured hybrid magnet system.

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Satori WO24P-8 woofer measurements

The measurements of SB Acoustics top line Satori WO24P-8 woofer driver have been added. This model is relatively fresh and was issued in 2016.

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