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Hello to all of audiophiles and audiobuilders!

HiFiCompass is the result of many years of researches, experiments and works of fanatic enthusiasts high fidelity sound reproduction. It was very much during these years – tens of tested and hundreds of carefully listened speaker driver combinations, a lot of designed acoustic systems and amplifiers, many participations in the largest international Hi-Fi and Hi-End exhibitions in the world as well as joint designing and production of loudspeakers one of famous manufacturers. We managed to get familiar with the best samples of audio equipment of leading world audio industry companies, each time correcting and rethinking our views at high fidelity sound reproduction principles.

Our specialization is designing and constructing high quality acoustic systems. Why just is acoustic systems? Because in spite of the significant progress audio industry in the whole, in the all transfer chain of sound from a perfomer to a listener loudspeakers always were and remain the most weak and conservative element. So, improving the weakest element it is possible to achieve the maximum quality gain of your sound system.

At HiFiCompass you can get familiar with the audio industry novelties, get know more about world famous speaker manufacturers, to draw the missing technical information and choose for building one of our loudspeaker projects.

During designing loudspeakers we faced up with the problem lack of range of very important speaker driver technical characteristics. The cause of this can be both trivial disregard to consumer demands and fear and reluctance majority of manufacturers to discredit their products by the publication of frankly bad technical data. Agree, it will be very hard to promote at the market speakers costing hundreds and thousands dollars if their figures “on a paper” is much worse than the low cost competitors have. It should be noted that some of manufacturers publish such technical data but specially chosen axis scale, over smoothed frequency responses, very large level of side artifacts on diagrams etc., make them absolutely unusable for analysis and so, these data don’t have any practical value. As a result, the end consumer always is in losing.

We applied a lot of efforts to help our users to sort out in a wide variety of loudspeaker drivers and in choosing and employing drivers much more rationally than before. Loudspeaker drivers measurements that have been carried out by our team during many years have been systematized and leaded to a single point of reference. These measurements have been united in a database having a unique system for demonstrative comparing speaker driver features. We sincerely hope the efforts we spent will be not vain and our website will help you to earn better results and get one step closer to your dream.

If you have discovered some errors in the our website functionality or you have some good thoughts how do it better, please, mail us to support@hificompass.com.  The English is not our native language so if some phrases appear strange for you, please, report us too. Thank you.

HiFiCompass will help you in the boundless sound ocean! 


Your little gratitude = a huge motivation for us and an invaluable contribution to the website's future! 


Your favorite power amp type

44% (891 votes)
Tube SE
13% (255 votes)
BJT based push-pull
12% (247 votes)
FET based push-pull
11% (226 votes)
Tube push-pull
8% (162 votes)
Hybrid (tube+solid state)
6% (126 votes)
FET based SE
6% (125 votes)
Total votes: 2032


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