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Our website is oriented to enthusiasts of the high fidelity sound reproduction who have desire, power and free time for realization their intentions. We will share our knowledge, gained experience and a necessary information  with you, and will help to acquire electronic components for your projects.

HiFiCompass  applied a lot of efforts to help our users to sort out in a wide variety of loudspeaker drivers and in choosing and employing drivers much more rationally than before. Loudspeaker drivers measurements that have been carried out by our team during many years have been systematized and leaded to a single point of reference. These measurements have been united in a database having a unique system for demonstrative comparing speaker driver features.

To those of you who feel a power in oneself and have ability to build loudspeakers by himself but don’t have specific knowledge in electroacoustics we recommend to repeat our well documented projects – 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, Horn, Fullrange systems.

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Our last works


Miniature bookshelf speakers based on 4" Purifi PTT4.0X04-NFC-01 paper midwoofer and 1" BlieSMa T25S-6 silk dome tweeter


Miniature bookshelf speakers based on 4" Purifi PTT4.0X04-NFC-01 paper midwoofer and 1" BlieSMa T25B-6 beryllium tweeter


Two-way loudspeakers based on Purifi PTT6.5W08-01B midwoofers and Viawave SRT-7 ribbon tweeters


Two-way loudspeakers based on the speaker drivers which are the epitome of modern technology - Purifi PTT6.5W04-01A + BlieSMa T25B-6


Two-way loudspeakers based on the speaker drivers which are the epitome of modern technology - Purifi PTT6.5W04-01A + BlieSMa T25B-6 (in a waveguide)


To be or not to be iron core coils in a high quality loudspeaker crossover?


Pharaoh-Be version of Pharaoh loudspeakers using the BlieSMa T34B-4 beryllium membrane tweeters


Evolution of Pharaoh project, which has led to designing of new crossovers and going up to the higher sound quality level

Last news

Review of the 8" Alu cone long-stroke midwoofer PURIFI PTT8.0X04-NAB-02

Review of the new long-stroke 8" midwoofer with aluminum cone PTT8.0X04-NAB-02 from PURIFI

Review of the 6.5" Alu cone long-stroke midwoofer PURIFI PTT6.5X04-NAA-08

The review of the new 6.5" midwoofer with aluminum cone PTT6.5X04-NAA-08 from the Danish company PURIFI

Review of the PURIFI PTT6.5M08-NFA-01A 6.5" true midrange

The review of the PURIFI PTT6.5M08-NFA-01A 6.5" true midrange speaker

Review of the new BlieSMa 3" dome mids

Aluminium, Beryllium, Paper and Silk - all models in one review!

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Tube push-pull
8% (162 votes)
Hybrid (tube+solid state)
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