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Sonido company was founded in the year 1993. Mr. Istvan Varga is a founder and current manager of the company. Main activities are manufacturing of the speaker drivers, acoustic radiators and acoustic speaker systems also. Long time experience gained at Budapest Electro-acoustic Factory (BEAG) contributes company to manufacture high quality products of perfect technical parameters. 

The most outstanding product line from Sonido range is full range speaker drivers. They are the main company activity. Sonido full range speakers sound should be regarded as high quality grade without a doubts. That target is achieved due to the specific content and production technology of the diffusers. Both technology and equipment was purchased from the company that was involved for many years in production of diffusers for such brands as Telefunken and later for Philips, Orion, BEAG, etc. Another great advantage of speakers is that each speaker driver is done manually, by hand with especial thoroughness and accuracy.

Main emphasis is done by Sonido for the audience who appreciate sound quality, whom the company supply full designed speakers with full range drivers, and, also, all range of speaker drivers. Assembling is done by the way of “KIT”, is simple and accompanied with company maximal assistance. 

Sonido recommends to use MOSFET based amplifiers of class A with noiseless power supply with its speakers. Amplifiers are also produced as an KIT and they are in perfect harmony with the speakers.

Sonido is proud that its customers are in more than 30 countries now. They are in:

Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Bashkirstan, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Canada, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Romania, USA, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tatarstan, Ukraine, France, Finland, Croatia, Czech Rep., Chili, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia and, surely, Hungary.

To get the company website - https://sonido.hu


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Your favorite power amp type

44% (891 votes)
Tube SE
13% (255 votes)
BJT based push-pull
12% (247 votes)
FET based push-pull
11% (226 votes)
Tube push-pull
8% (162 votes)
Hybrid (tube+solid state)
6% (126 votes)
FET based SE
6% (125 votes)
Total votes: 2032


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