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SB Acoustics is not a company but a brand name, which was formed to provide affordable hi-end products to the loudspeaker enthusiast. This was accomplished by marrying the Danish design talents with the manufacturing expertise of Sinar Baja Electric (Indonesia).

After Tymphany Corporation and Danish Sound Technology (DSTmerging in 2005 many industry veterans missed about vigorous collaboration with manufacturers and the thrill of shepherding a product from conception to production. "We're problem solvers and, God help us, we actually thrive on deadlines, so we felt it was time to take all of the talent and experience we collectively have and find new challenges", said David A. Stephens

Next year, in 2006, Lars Goller and Sinar Baja Electric founded Scandinavian Audio Research (ScAR) (Denmark), in which entered a group of talented and experienced engineers formerly employed by renowned Danish companies such as VIFAScan-Speak and DST:

  • Lars Goller (former Director of Engineering at Danish Sound Technology and Designer of the Revelator and SD series patents, owner of Gamut Audio)
  • Ulrik Schmidt (former Scan-Speak Senior Engineer, joined Scan-Speak in 1997)
  • Frank Nielsen (former Danish Sound Technology Senior Mechanical Engineer, joined Scan-Speak ​in 1997)
  • David A. Stephens (former VIFA vice-president)
  • Benny Frank Petersen (former VIFA engineer and technical designer/CAD engineer of ScanSpeak)


Scandinavian Audio Research went bankrupt in the beginning of 2009Lars Goller left the company. A few month later Danesian Audio was founded, Frank Nielsen and Ulrik Schmidt continued their work, designing all SB Acoustics drivers.

In September 2014, Danesian Audio became an independent company (owned by Frank Nielsen). SB Acoustics remains a cooperation between Danesian Audio and Sinar Baja Electric (the Danes design, the Indonesian manufacture). As an independent company, Danesian Audio also does development and consultancy for others, if it does not conflict with SB Acoustics (https://danesian.dk ).

Sinar Baja Electric is a company with three decades of transducer manufacturing experience. It has been producing speaker drivers since 1981. Providing the finest quality at a competitive price to unlock sound for better lifestyle, Sinar Baja Electric has become Indonesia’s largest loudspeaker manufacturer. With a population of more than 250 million people, Indonesia is a significant contributor to global manufacturing.

To this day, Sinar Baja Electric is a privately held group of companies in Surabaya, Indonesia. We develop and manufacture our own range of brands that are offered world wide through our distribution supply chain in major markets such as Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States.

In 1981:  Established in Indonesia with in-house voice coil production

In 1983:  In-house steel chassis stamping and zinc plating finishing

In 1985:  Established PT Indoyoke, steel parts factory (T-yokes)

In 1987:  Established PT Multicore Paperindo, soft parts factory. 1st export to the USA

In 1990:  Established PT Sentral Bahana Ekatama, plastic injection factory

In 1991:  In-house steel upper plate production & chassis painting facility

In 1993:  Awarded Honda Prospect Motor as a tier-2 supplier

In 1994:  ACR Pro driver entered the market

In 1995:  Established Sinar Baja Pan Yu, steel parts factory in China

In 1996:  ISO 9002 certified. In-house workshop established

In 1997:  Awarded as preferred supplier of Yamaha

In 1999:  Awarded Daihatsu Motor as a tier-2 supplier

In 2000:  Awarded Bentley as a supplier. Established in-house painting facility for steel parts

In 2006:  Collaboration with Engineer Consultant in Denmark, known as SCAR. Birth of SB Acoustics brand for Hi-End market. Birth of Rhyme Pro Audio System

In 2007:  Expansion of factory in Indonesia onto a 5 hectare facility

In 2009:  Formerly known as SCAR changed to Danesian Audio in close collaboration with Sinar Baja Electric

In 2012:  Awarded Astra Daihatsu Motor as tier-1 supplier

In 2015:  ISO 9001 certified

In 2016:  IATF 16949: 2016 certified

In 2017: Established in-house woodworking production facility

Below is an excellent article from AudioXpress that sheds light on the history of Sinar Baja Electric and its collaboration with Danesian Audio (Denmark).


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