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My dear friends!

This year HiFiCompass.com is going to celebrate its first small jubilee - the fifth anniversary since its founding. All this time it has kept afloat and moved forward entirely by my own efforts, enthusiasm and adherence to highest quality audio. I have been doing my best to create a uniform, free access and open database of the most reliable objective measurements of the characteristics of speaker drivers, also have been sharing with you my subjective impressions and reviews. I believe that introducing the world audio community to more speakers at a deeper technical level than was previously available to everyone, as well as helping to understand “who is who?” actually in the world of speaker drivers, I succeeded to a certain extent. I hope that I will be able to continue my work and delight you with new measurements, reviews, and projects.

I ask for support from all the not indifferent users of my website, all those whom it helped in solving their own tasks, who were interested in spending time on it, and all those who would like to continue its existence and development. It is very important for me and it would be very nice to feel grateful feedback from you.

You can support the website through the PayPal payment system: hificompass@gmail.com

Please inform your name and country in the comments to the donation.

Peace and happiness to all of you!

Yevgeniy Kozhushko

I express my sincere gratitude to all those who have shown generosity and donated a piece of their goodness:

Konstantin Popov USA PKI (diyaudio.com)
Konstantin Popov USA PKI (diyaudio.com)
Rasmus Larsen USA  
Glenn Hopkins USA Drummer2005
Charles Laub USA CharlieLaub
David Wisgirda USA  
Alex Hristov USA  
Seth Balmer USA Remlab
Andrey Tikunov USA  
Mark Hancock USA Jonmarsh
Michael Gergen USA  
Ed Perkins USA ernperkins
Earik Beann USA earikbeann.com
Daniel Cyr USA  
John Salvini USA  
Salesh Mishra USA iMickey503
David Lawrence USA  
Timothy Winter USA  
Brian Zheng Canada


Reid Towsley Canada DcibeL
Mark Hodgson Canada 454Casull
Mark A. Bissett AU  
Timothy Feleppa AU TMM
Thanh Tran AU tktran303
Thanh Tran AU tktran303
Thanh Tran AU tktran303
Thanh Tran AU tktran303
Thanh Tran AU tktran303
Rainer Weber Germany Rainer Weber
Peter Kweseleit Germany  
Johannes Menzel Germany  
Johannes Menzel Germany  
Heinz Jaskolka Germany  
Samuel Mikkola Finland  
Johan Riikonen Finland  
Juha Sirkka Finland Juhazi
Raimond Jackson UK  
Matt Dobson UK exigy.co.uk
Lars Risbo DK lrisbo
Per Borgen DK  
David Oswald IL  
Julian Vlaiko IL  
Jean Claude Gaertner FR jcga
Romain Benizeau FR SoundOddity.com
Nicolas Vincens FR Martigane
Thomas Hugonnier FR  
Paul Vancluysen BE

Paul Vancluysen

Georg Mahnke AT geotone
Markus Steinmötzger AT  
Mark Bekker NL markbakk
Dag Wallander Sweden  
Mateusz Lewandowski Poland  
Damian Delezene      
Howard Li      
Timothy Winter      
Kerry Bendall      
Kenji Tamura      
Isaac Chang      
Hai Nghiem      
Mrs S Jackson      
Philippe Bray      
Marc Helbing      
Angophora Press      


Your favorite power amp type

44% (891 votes)
Tube SE
13% (255 votes)
BJT based push-pull
12% (247 votes)
FET based push-pull
11% (226 votes)
Tube push-pull
8% (162 votes)
Hybrid (tube+solid state)
6% (126 votes)
FET based SE
6% (125 votes)
Total votes: 2032


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