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23 Jun 2019

Munich HighEnd-2019. Who is the best?

At the Munich HighEnd - 2019 show HiFiCompass established awards for exhibitors in three categories:

1. "Best single driver loudspeakers"

2. "Best 2-way loudspeakers"

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Munich High End 2019

In the Bavarian heart - Munich (Germany) - from May, 9 to May, 12 the biggest High End show on the planet was helding

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BlieSMa presented the new tweeter line

At the Munich show High End - 2019  BlieSMa company presented the new tweeter line

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Mundorf and HiFiCompass now are partners

Mundorf (Germany) company and HiFiCompass decided to look in one direction

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44% (891 votes)
Tube SE
13% (255 votes)
BJT based push-pull
12% (247 votes)
FET based push-pull
11% (226 votes)
Tube push-pull
8% (162 votes)
Hybrid (tube+solid state)
6% (126 votes)
FET based SE
6% (125 votes)
Total votes: 2032

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